Precious Metal Refining – Turnkey Plants Solutions

Gold Refining Plants Capacity= 2.5 Kg - 200 Kg

  • Aqua Regia
  • Inquartation Process for Alloy with high Silver Content
  • Electrolytic Gold Refining

Silver Refining Plants Capacity = 5 Kg- 300 Kg

  • Electrolytic Silver Refining on raised or floor structure for High Purity Silver
  • Sulphuric Acid Pre-Treatment Plants coupled with electrolytic copper recovery for silver alloys with Lower Silver content.
  • Nitric Acid Pre-Treatment Plants for silver refining by Chemical Process for silver alloys with lower Silver content.

Scrubbing, Effluent Treatment and Recoveries

  • Scrubbers for NOX gases generated during Precious metal refining
  • Precious Metal Recovery by Ion Exchange Resin

Assaying and Testing Equipment

  • Cupellation Furances
  • Assay Bench
  • Cartridge Filter for Lead Oxide
  • Partition Hoods