Kilo Lab systems

Universal Reaction/Distillation unit

Reactor Options

  • Glass
  • Glass lined
  • Hastalloy
  • SS
  • Triple Wall Glass Reactor

Operating Conditions

  • Temperature
    • (–90°C) up to 220°C
  • Pressure
    • Glass Triple Wall Reactor /Glass reactor (Full vacuum up to 0.5 bar)
    • SS, Hastlloy and Glass Lined reactor (Full vacuum up to 0.6 bar)
    • special Design up to 20 bar
  • Capacities
    • 10 L up to 500 L
  • Salient Features
    • CGMP design
    • Instrumentation & Control
    • Automation with Data Acquisition
    • Skid Mounted
    • Documentation

Reactor Bottom Pan

  • Triple wall reactors upto 100L. Both ends fused triple wall (vacuum jacketed) glass reactor
  • Glass lined
    • (20L, 50L, 100L, 250L)
    • Pre-insulated (with SS cladding)
    • jacketed
  • Cylindrical Jacketed Glass (Double Wall) up to 50L
  • SS, Hastalloy, Pre-insulated Jacketed

Reactor Top Cover

  • Glass top cover
  • Glass lined, SS, Hastalloy for pressure reactions (standard up to 6 bar, special design up to 20 bar)

Stirrer System

  • Glass lined
    • Anchor
    • Pitch Blade turbine curved blade turbine
  • PTFE lined
    • Anchor
    • PBT
    • Paddle,etc-multistage & interchangeable impellers also available Possibl
  • Glass
    • Anchor
    • Turbine
    • Suction agitators
  • Motor
    • Ex-proof
    • Speed control by VFD or mechanical variator
    • Suitable gear box
  • Seal
    • Suitable MOC
  • Complete SS construction (option). SS hood for motor, gearbox, housing (standard)

Bottom Outlet Valve

  • Flush with zero dead volume
    • Glass / PTFE
  • Glass lined with temperature sensor (optional)

Reactor Bottom Pan – Raising / Lowering Device

  • Manual or motorized
  • Also removable after lowering

Safety Devices

  • Glass / PTFE Pressure Relief Valve
  • Rupture Disc
  • Translucent coating of glass components

Support Structure

  • Complete SS construction
  • Special designs for low headrooms
  • Suitable for installation in walk-in fume hoods
  • Skid mounted mobile units also possible


  • Special design high strength re-enforced plastic as standard.
  • SS also available as option
  • SS nut bolts with compression springs as standard.
  • PTFE coated as option.

Online Sampling

  • Continuous on-line liquid sampling from the reactor

Single Fluid Heating Cooling Units

  • Compact unit for both heating As well as cooling
  • Advanced automation to precisely control temperature
  • Temperature range: -90°C up to 220°C
  • Fully transparent allowing clear vision of process
  • Minimum time to reach desired temperature
  • Compact unit

Solid Handling Systems

  • Jet Mill Micronizer, Double Cone Vacuum Dryer, and Tray Dryer, Vibro-Sifters, Cream ointment & Planetary Mixer, Tripple Roll Mill / Ball Mill, Colloid Mill, Multimill

Mobile Glass Nutsche Filters

  • Suitable for acidic media filtrations
  • Vacuum is used to speed up filtration
  • Filter plate is made of PTFE / GF
  • PTFE cloth used for filter tissue
  • Mounted on wheels

Mobile Gas Scrubbers

  • Simple in design
  • Suitable for air & Exhaust clean up tasks
  • Ideal for scrubbing exhaust From small scale chemical plants
  • Ideal for studies & scale-up of gas scrubber systems


Glass Cylindrical Reactor 10L 20L 30L 50L 100L 200L Option available for Jacketed and Triple Wall (vacuum jacketed) available only upto 100L reactor. L/D ratio of the reactor to be maintained.
Top dish N1: DN40 (center nozzle)
N2: DN25 (side nozzle)
N3: DN25 (side nozzle)
N4: DN50 (front nozzle)
N5: DN50 (side nozzle)
N6: DN15 (side nozzle)
N1: DN50 (center nozzle)
N2: DN25 (side nozzle)
N3: DN40 (side nozzle)
N4: DN80 (front nozzle)
N5: DN80 (side nozzle)
N6: DN25 (side nozzle)
N1: DN50 (center nozzle)
N2: DN25 (side nozzle)
N3: DN40 (side nozzle)
N4: DN100 (front nozzle)
N5: DN100 (side nozzle)
N6: DN25 (side nozzle)
Option for SS-PFA lined top dish also available. Nozzle schedule can be modified based on the customer’s requirements.
SS-PTFE Lined Agitator 1 1 1 1 1 1 Option available for Anchor, PBT, CBT impeller in single as well as dual stage. Proper L/D ratio shall be maintained.
Drive assembly for agitator 0.25 HP 0.25 HP 0.5 HP 0.5 HP 1 HP 1 HP Flameproof motor (option available for ATEX certified), gearbox, single mechanical.
Glass Feed Vessel 2L 5L 10L 10L 20L 20L Options available in cylindrical as well as spherical vessel, also option available for twin vessels.Vessels to be graduated and calibrated.
Glass Receiver Vessel 5L 5L 10L 10L 20L 20L Options available in cylindrical as well as spherical vessel, also option available for twin vessels as well as single vessel. Vessels to be graduated and calibrated.
Glass Vapour Line DN40 DN50 DN80 DN80 DN100 DN150 Option available for packing inside the column – structured (eg. Ceramic) or unstructed (eg. Glass Raschig rings) packing.
Glass Primary Condenser DN80-C; 0.3 sq.m DN80-C; 0.3 sq.m DN100-C; 0.5 sq.m DN150-C; 1 sq.m DN150-C; 3 sq.m DN225-C; 6 sq.m S – Shell & Tube Type
C – Coil Type
(Options available for shell & tube type as primary condenser from 50L onwards)
Glass Secondary Condenser DN80-C; 0.3 sq.m DN80-C; 0.3 sq.m DN80-C; 0.3 sq.m DN80-C; 0.3 sq.m DN100-C; 0.5 sq.m DN100-C; 0.5 sq.m
Glass Phase Separator 1L 2L 2L 2L 2L 2L Dean & stark type phase separator with provision of refluxing / collecting either heavy or light phase as per the demand of the process. Option for horizontal phase separator also available.
Glass Vacuum Manifold DN50 DN50 DN50 DN80 DN80 DN80 5 Nozzles, drain and vent
Glass Ice Trap DN80 DN80 DN80 DN100 DN100 DN100 For trapping the escaped vapor and preventing it from fouling the vacuum pump. Ice trap to be filled with either liquid nitrogen or dry ice.
Glass Internal Process Pipelines DN15 / DN25 DN15 / DN25 DN15 / DN25 DN40 / DN25 DN40 / DN25 DN40 / DN25
Glass Main Vacuum Line DN25 DN25 DN25 DN40 DN40 DN40
Glass Vacuum Balance Line to Receivers / Feed Vessels DN15 DN15 DN15 DN25 DN25 DN25
Hardware – Plastic flanges, Inserts , SS Nuts, bolts, washers and springs SET SET SET SET SET SET Plastic flanges used as per DIN standard. Option available for SS-304 / SS-316 flanges too.
Structure – Main Frame – SS304 1″ SCH40 pipe 1″ SCH40 pipe 1″ SCH40 pipe 1.25″ SCH40 pipe 1.25″ SCH40 pipe 1.25″ SCH40 pipe Option available for reactor vessel lifting and lowering with limit switches.
Rupture Disc DN40 / DN50 DN40 / DN50 DN40 / DN50 DN40 / DN50 DN40 / DN50 DN40 / DN50 Suitable to withstand vacuum and burst pressure rating of 0.6 bar @ 100 DegC.
Temperature Sensors 4 4 4 4 4 4 Reactor temp, Vapour temp, Vent temp and Product temp. Sensor of reputed make (FLP enclosure) Duplex 3 wire Class A PT100 sensors to be used.
Pressure Transmitter / Dial Gauge 1 1 1 1 1 1 Please choose between pressure transmitter and dial gauge as per your requirement.
Agitator RPM controller (VFD) 1 1 1 1 1 1 Reputed make VFD to be used.
Operation & Indication Panel 1 1 1 1 1 1 Option available for:
1) Ex d enclosure (Ex II 2GD Ex DB)
2) PLC with ATEX / NON-ATEX approved HMI
HMI with PLC panel (Optional) Touchscreen HMI can be provided inside flameproof enclosure along with PLC panel Option available for:
1) Ex d enclosure (Ex II 2GD Ex DB)
2) PLC to be placed in safe area.
SCADA Automation Solution (Optional) PC workstation for controlling, storing and reviewing of process parameters of the assembly CFR21 PART 11 compliant SCADA automation solutions, pre-defined recipe formulation as per process requirements also available.
Reactor lifting and lowering system Stainless steel lifting and lowering system for reactor vertical movement (up & down) Used for cleaning and ease of agitator interchangeability.
Heating & Cooling system Different models of several temperature ranges and power (kW) are available Do visit our product page (temperature control unit) for selection of the right model.
Documentation (Optional) SET SET SET SET SET SET Complete set of documentations and certifications to be provided along with the system.
Approximate Foot Print L: 1900 mm
W: 1200 mm
H: 3100 mm
L: 2000 mm
W: 1000 mm
H: 3300 mm
L: 2000 mm
W: 1200 mm
H: 3300 mm
L: 2150 mm
W: 1300 mm
H: 3300 mm
L: 2400 mm
W: 1500 mm
H: 3800 mm
L: 2650 mm
W: 1500 mm
H: 4200 mm
Based on the client’s requirements, we can modify the system and try to accommodate in the available area. These footprint area is approximate, do confirm with us once.
These are general specifications, it may deviate as per client’s requirement or at detailing stage.
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