Glass Venturi Scrubbers and Jet reactors

Venturi Scrubbers and Jet Ejectors

  • Glass Venturi Scrubbers
  • An innovative product in glass for gas scrubbing as well as generation of low pressures (Vacuum).
  • Universal Corrossion Resistance
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Low Capital Cost
  • Compact design
  • Easy Operation


  • Easy Operation
  • Intimate mixing
  • No moving parts, less maintenance costs
  • Compact
  • Ability to handle large gas flow rates
  • Less space, installed on Tank
  • Creates vacuum.
  • Glass Venturi Scrubbers are now available for first time from ATR-ASAHI GLASS
  • Venturi Scrubber is also very effective in removing dust particles from the gas. Where higher removal efficiencies are required, multi stage venturi scrubbers can be used. Substantial heat is generated during absorption. Suitable heat exchangers have to be installed in the system.
  • The most efficient and suitable equipment for this purpose is Falling Film Absorber. This equipment can do dual job of absorption as well as removal of heat of absorption. The venturi scrubber then acts like second stage scrubber and also imparts draft (negative pressure ).
  • Venturi Scrubber can also be incorporated with packed column absorber as second stage scrubber. With glass venturi scrubber, a system can always be designed to meet any stringent Pollution Control Board norms for air quality.


  • Gas Absorption Aeration
  • Gas Liquid Reactions Dust Collection / Air Pollution
  • Imparting of Vacuum
  • Fume Scrubber (low capacities)
  • Creation of negative draft while feeding solids in the reactor during process.


  • Individual off – the – shelf units are available in 4 sizes.
  • Gas suction capacity
    • 0 – 50
    • 50 – 100
    • 100 – 150
    • Negative pressure created normally is 150 mm Hg. Special design scrubbers for higher capacities and or higher negative pressures are also available.
    • Glass Venturies for applications other than absorption can also be designed.
    • Complete turn–key plants incorporating Venturi Scrubbers are engineered and supplied by ATR-ASAHI GLASS
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