Lab Reactor

Our Lab Reactor is a metal-free plug and play open system that can seamlessly scale-up with other AFR products, and has a photo reactor option.


  • Plug and play open system including data monitoring
  • Ready to start, with thermostat integrated
  • Up to 3 liquid lines, 1 gas line and a back pressure regulator for pressure control
  • High chemical durability due to a full metal free system
  • Outstanding mixing and heat exchange with patented HEART design
  • Low internal volume
  • Seamless scale-up with other Advanced-FlowTM Reactor products

Technical Specifications

Flow Rate Temperature Pressure Materials Fluidic Module Options
2 to 10 ml/min – 40°C to 200°C Up to 18 barg Glass PFA / PTFE Perfluoroelastomer 2.7 ml internal volume 3rd liquid dosing line 2nd glass fluidic module Lab Photo Reactor module

Lab Photo Reactor Option

  • Compatible with the Lab Reactor system
  • Tunable LED irradiation source, with 6 different wavelengths
  • LED lighting intensity higher than 100 mW/cm2
  • Efficient light penetration with both sides of glass fluidic module illuminated
  • Extended LED lifetime due to efficient liquid cooling
  • Wireless control of wavelength selection and intensity
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